Google Android isn't top of the game, yet...

My wife got ahold of a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  The latest and greatest Android phone.  Given the fact that both her and I were an iPhone family before, this was a big step for her to go from her iPhone 3g to the state of the art Android.  

Huge screen, fast speeds and the "new car smell" of Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.  I was looking forward to playing with this device and getting a feel for it.  For all the hype, and all the "newness" of it, I can't get it out of my head the disappointment of it.  It doesn't "just work".  

Want to get gmail and exhange mail on it?  There are two mail apps on the phone, and really find that to get it to work you need to download another, better, 3rd party mail app.  

Want to get music from the #1 music service (iTunes) onto your device?  The instructions in the Music app are vague at best.  I'm very technology inclined, but it took me 2 hours of trying to get music onto the device in an automated way so it will work going forward easily.  Playlists and all.  

Photos?  Haven't tried yet since music was so difficult.  

Anwyays, these are just quick examples.  This is not an in depth review.  But I was pretty stunned at how "rushed" the product feels.  Considering how many revisions Google has gone through with Android, I expected a little more polish and ease of use.  Yes, the beauty of the operating system is that I have a ton of choice and options.  I can add widgets, control my notifications well, and a bunch of flashy features.  But the things that should be easy, just aren't.  Yes, this is where Apple shines.  But I expected Google to be closer on this.  

The potential is there.  Can't wait until they begin to get it right.  For now, I'm going to stick with my iPhone.