Article in Automotive News - Quoted

I'm quoted this week in an article in Automotive News regarding mobile paid search ads.  

Mobile advertising is an extremely complex area right now.   There is more that needs to be learned as Google changes their marketplace.   They are making the right moves as a business.  Now it is up to us to provide the best value for our customers.   

Pricing on mobile is up significantly since the change to Enhanced Campaigns.   However, it is still a great value for the local business.    

In addition to Mobile Paid Search, I'm really interested in where the mobile display space is going.   It is really hard to Mobile Display, for a consumer that is in-market to buy a car, at the local level.   Easy if you are doing a one-off buy.   Hard to do it for small budgets (sub-$1000) at scale (1000's of advertisers).   We will figure this out.

Link to the Automotive News Article (you have to be a subscriber unfortunately).