Dam Breaks

We completed a big successful product launch.  There was massive alignment across the organization to get this product out.  When you have that kind of alignment, it tends to push all other requests and ideas off the table for a while.  This is a great thing to make sure you keep the momentum and success of the big launch.  

However, the moment we finished the big product luanch, the rest of the ideas came rolling back in.  A lot of them.  The dam broke and everything and everyone tries to take vie for position to be top priority.  This includes small things and big things.  We have the capacity to do about 3 big projects, and we are seeing about 8 big projects trying to get top spot.  Me and the team are trying to manage through all this.  Set priorities, expectations, and lots and lots of milkruns.  Some of this is resource constraints.  Some of it is just mind-share constraints.   

Eventually we will manage ourselves to the next big product launch, get alignment, and build the next big dam.  I do always find this por