Smart Lesson = we crave human contact

There is a good article on LinkedIn today on the personalization of content for consumers.   I've begun to think a lot in the last week about personalization of advertising.  Right now the "algorithms" just do mass "personalization" of big segments of consumers.  

Is this enough?  It seems like consumers crave more than this.   They want more than their cookie trails following them around and having a message from a company that is only lightly modified for them.   What if the company could use this vast amount of information about consumers to actually give better service to a consumer.    What if we could not use big segments to modify experiences, but what if we could modify an experience for an individual to really know what they were looking for?  

I think we are moving into an age where we have personalized experiences for shopping.  And that these personalized experiences will move into advertising.   

I’m a proponent of the concept that companies need to replace dumb touchpoints with smart ones
— Bruce Kasanoff