Yep, there is a problem!

Actually, there isn't a problem right now, but there will be sometime in the next 60 days. Times ticking away. We are in the middle of launch a major new product. One that requires coordination across all parts of the business. Many teams are involved. Sales and services need to be trained up. Major work to add new ways of billing and supporting this new product. Not to mention getting buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. Migrating existing customers. Not least, developing new features and scaling the system to handle new load.

We've worked hard to get momentum and buy-in. These are essential for a successful launch. We've done lots of planning to determine which areas are at risk and plan around even the long-tail use cases. We are really watching out for all the details.


Something is going to happen. A problem will come up. One that derails our momentum, causes doubt in people, and tests our will. We, the business leaders should expect it. It's going to happen. There is no way it won't happen.

We'll need to pounce on it quickly and communicate often. Make people feel better. This is the key. It isn't about finding the problems before they happen. Sure, you need to do your best to do that. However, it takes too long to figure out every contingency, every detail. What you need to do is a reasonable amount of due diligence. Then, when the random problem you missed hits, you need to react with professionalism and use some of that good karma you've earned by working well with others. It isn't about the problem. It is how you react to the problem.

Oh yes, there will be problems. Yes there will. Here's to a fun start of 2012. Tick tock, tick tock.